5 Reasons To Buy A Suppressor

Sound suppressors, also known as “moderators,” (or by the popular misnomer “silencer”) are as old as modern firearms themselves. Advances in smokeless propellant in the late 19th century increased the “bang” of shooting a firearm, due to the higher pressures they generate. Hiram Percy Maxim, son of the famed inventor of the Maxim Gun, is credited with designing the first suppressor for firearms around the turn of the 20th century.
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Why take our Permit to Carry Class?

Permit to Carry Classes If you are reading this, AWESOME, that means you are interested in becoming a Minnesota permit to carry holder. It is your God given right & responsibility to protect your family and others from harm. It is statistically proven Law Enforcement doesn’t stop crime. They can’t be all places at all…
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