Thank you for choosing Off Grid's Permit to Carry Class!

Our Goal is to create a safer community one home at a time!
You are making a difference in your community!

 IN PERSON Class Notes

Thank you for registering for our In-Person Permit to Carry Class!
If you did not pay online you, can pay the day of the class.
A reminder email will be sent to you the evening before class by 9 pm.
If you do not receive a reminder the night before class please know you are registered
Sometimes the reminder emails go into your spam folder.
Please arrive no later than 9:30 am so we can get everyone through registration
We start class PROMPTLY at 10 am, if you are late you may have to re-register for class.
If you are unable to make it to class, please email, so we can remove you from registration.
The class will be in our warehouse attached to the store.
Please check in with Caren at the front desk, she will be doing registration.
Thank you for your willingness to learn how to create a safer community!
We look forward to seeing you!!!!!