Permit to Carry Classes

If you are reading this, AWESOME, that means you are interested in becoming a Minnesota permit to carry holder. It is your God given right & responsibility to protect your family and others from harm. It is statistically proven Law Enforcement doesn’t stop crime. They can’t be all places at all times. They will arrive once the incident is long over. The theme here is we want you to BE PREPARED. Off Grid NEEDS you to BE PREPARED. One day you might be the person who saves one of US, or one of OUR family members from harm. That is the reason we need everyone in the community to have a PTC.

Our class is full of useful up to date information, it’s not just a powerpoint of slides, it’s Sam showing you parts of a firearm, how to safely handle and shoot a firearm, the do’s and don’ts of carrying & he makes the normally boring law & legal portion educational and entertaining by throwing his humor into the class. One on one range qualification takes place after the classroom potion of the class is complete.

Sam & Caren have a passion for educating the community in Permit to Carry. You can see this passion in our class. Don’t leave your safety to chance. Be prepared for the unknown and get signed up for OUR CLASS today!

OFF GRID ARMORY – Creating a safer community, ONE class at a time!